Financial Coaching

For successful, C-suite women and rising solopreneurs who have climbed the corporate ladder, but struggle with their personal finances.

You’re smart, savvy and have proven yourself professionally. You’ve worked your butt off to get where you are. Yet, somehow you have very little to show for it.

No matter how many raises and bonuses you get, you are still living paycheck to paycheck, are in debt and can’t seem to build your savings.

Going into debt to support your business is depleting you both financially and emotionally.

Let’s climb this last rung in your success together! Make money your trusted ally, and create unshakable, lifelong confidence with your money!

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Create a Purposeful Budget

Learn how to spend smarter and dream bigger! Using your numbers, we will show you how you can live with a Personal and Business Financial Blueprint designed to make sure your needs are taken care of and that you are funding what feeds your soul!

Enjoy Guilt-Free Spending

What would it feel like to be able to spend money and not feel guilty?

When you have a money plan for your spending, you're in control and can let go of those feelings of guilt or regret!

Stop Stressing About Money

We'll help you gain the clarity around your money mindset and money behavior so you know WHY you do, WHAT you do!

This will allow you to be in control of your spending and saving.

Imagine feeling confident about your financial future!

Hi, I am your Financial Coach, Jane

I believe that talking about your finances should be as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting in the kitchen.

As your BFF(Best Financial Friend), I will collaborate with you to finally get control of your money!

My clients are smart people who feel dumb when it comes to their money. They are successful in their careers and make upper level incomes, but are weighed down by confusion, wondering:

- Where is all of my money going?

·     Why can’t I ever feel in control of my money?

·     Why can’t I do more of what I love with my money?

Since 2013, I have coached hundreds of clients who have longed for the success with their money. The kind of success that allows them to create a kick-ass life of financial well- being.


-Frustrated with trying to pay off debt?

-Making good money, but not sure where it goes

each month?

-Stuck in a pattern of overspending?

-A small business owner who wants to master

your cashflow and increase your profits?

My coaching starts with COMPASSION, providing a "no judgement zone," where you can share your deepest desires and fears.

We will work together to get clarity on your starting point, including your Money Mindset, Money Personality and your current cash flow.

From there, you will get a personalized Financial Blueprint -your guide to manage your money on your terms!


I specialize in helping our clients:

-Create easy-to-manage business financial blueprints

-Master cash flow so you can live a kick ass life!

-Pay off that debt once and for all

-Increase your quality of life for you and generations to come

I am passionate about our mission to Educate, Encourage and Empower my clients with their money!

One-On-One Business Financial Coaching

Understanding and managing your business finances can drain the energy and focus of even the most committed entrepreneur.

Our signature system will provide you with a personalized Business Financial Blueprint to:

-Know how much to pay yourself each month

-Increase your cash flow

-Amplify your profits

-Make better financial decisions

for your business based on confidence,

not guesswork

One-On-One Personal Financial Coaching

Personal financial coaching is the cornerstone of our company.

Our clients are smart, successful professionals who typically make great incomes but still feel weighed down by financial stress, overwhelm and confusion.

We'll show you our simple, proven methods of daily money management that create a life of financial well-being.

Group Coaching and Masterclasses

Our signature masterclass called 'Plan to Prosper' is designed to show you how to conquer overwhelm and frustration and finally feel calm and confident with your cashflow.

We also provide group coaching options for small groups of small business owners. Ask about this option!

Financial Literacy and Wellness Programs

Our signature Financial Wellness programs help employees and group members take control of their financial life and deal with their most pressing financial challenges.

These programs combine educational tools and a unique approach to behavior change which INCREASE:

· Overall well-being of the employee

· Employee Productivity

· Employee Retention

· Participation in Corporate Retirement Plans

Group members and employees will have to tools to implement the mechanics and mindset tools for creating lifelong success with managing their finances!

Good Bye Stress. Hello Confidence.

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In 2021, Money Mentor Group was selected by Sass Magazine as their top choice for "Financial Services Provider" in the Mid-Atlantic region.